MovieBox Download for Ios 11.3.X to Ios 7 Running Devices

MovieBox is one of the best Application using millions of users around the world. This application can download without jailbreaking your Apple device. Therefore you can install MovieBox without Cydia application, Actually users do not know real process to download this application to their devices. MovieBox application support Ios 11 latest versions to Ios 7 running devices. This will be help to all Apple users who are interesting with this amazing application.


MovieBox Requirements

  • Apple Ios Running devices
  • Support Ios 7+

How to download MovieBox app to Your device

This application download process is very simple, Most installation methods are ready with Safari browser. Therefore users need to browse website with Safari browser to install this freeware.

  • First you need to visit MovieBox App Download website with your Apple device safari browser
  • Then Select your device model (iPhone/iPad) to install this application
  • Then Tap Install now to download MovieBox to your device
  • Wait you can see MovieBox is installing to your device, This process will take few seconds..
  • After installation completed you need to trust application before run it with your device. This process can do with Settings – > General – > Profile and Device Management – > Trust Application.
  • Go Back.. Tap MovieBox -> You can see MovieBox is running perfect with your device.. Enjoy features with your loving Movie Box application…

Cydia for iOS 11.3 to iOS 11

Electra jailbreak is one of the best solution released for Apple users to break iOS restrictions. This jailbreak solution based on the Ian Beer’s exploit and this is most successful jailbreak solution forever Downljailbreak and install Cydia application for your device.

cydiaapp7Cydia for iOS 11.3

Can Cydia download for iOS 11.3 ? This moment Cydia can only install up to iOS 11.1.2 running devices with Electra jailbreak solution. Electra is latest and most user friendly application released for Apple users. This jailbreak solution unable to download for iOS 11.1.2 higher iOS versions. However you can install third party applications instead of this application to your device. Some paid third party jailbreak applications are scam apps, So please use our recommended applications every moment to install Cydia application to your device. This will help to get your required applications to your device.

Cydia for iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 11

These iOS versions can install Cydia application properly, You can download Cydia installer application to get latest applications for your device. This application main benefit is to check Cydia compatibility and also users can download third party apps without risk for your device.

  • Download Cydia installer iOS 11 application
  • Run process, Your device will be detect automatically.
  • Download and install Cydia applications to your device
  • Now your device will be free from Apple iOS restrictions

Your device will be ready to install third party applications

Note – If your device with under warranty period, Device warranty will be loose after jailbreak your device. We recommend to use proper jailbreak application to install Cydia for your device. Otherwise your effort will be useless for you.

Cydia Download for iOS 11 to iOS 3

Good Luck for Apple users, Cydia will be available to download for your iOS 11 version recently. This will be really good news for you. You can follow these methods to get Cydia application for your device. Cydia application is only available to download with jailbreak applications. Jailbreak apps are ready to install with your device model. These applications can capable to break iOS 11 restrictions, We can see Cydia application is ready to install after jailbreak your device.


What is i0n1c ? Can Cydia download with i0n1c ?

i0n1c jailbreak solution is not released for public users. This application was developed by Stephan Esser. He is one of the famous iOS hacker participate to release many jailbreak solutions. So we recommend to follow our guides to get real Cydia application to your device.

Cydia Installer support devices and iOS versions

  • Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & iOS version is iOS 11 to iOS 3

How to install Cydia with jailbreak app to any iOS

We recommend to download jailbreak tools related with your device iOS model. Follow our recommended jailbreak tools to install Cydia directly to your device.

Tap Here – Download Cydia from Direct links

You need to follow instructions properly before use any jailbreak application. Please do not use untrusted jailbreak applications to install Cydia for your device. Because jailbreak provides damage your device, Follow me and get your favorite jailbreak solution to fingertips.


Download Cydia for install thousands of applications

Cydia top class software can install with jailbreak process, This tool using millions of users around the world. We like to give all most of the Cydia installation process as simply as possible. How you can install Cydia ? This  complete process called “Jailbreak”, Jailbreak process included break Ios restrictions and Cydia installation.

Is Jailbreak legal ? Yes, You can use this process to install other software easily. But with Apple company rules this is illegal. You cannot install third party applications for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod.

You can see these jailbreak tool first break Ios and install Cydia for devices. Cydia has thousand of applications under variety of repos. These repos are like sofware packages has hundreds of software. Also Cydia themes will decorate your Apple device.

cydia download


How to install Cydia any Apple device

Cydia cannot install any Apple devices without jailbreak. You need to download jailbreak tool for install Cydia. Download installer Cydia free application from following link.

  • Select your device model and download tool
  • Follow PDF file instructions before use jailbreak tool
  • Connect your device and Click Jailbreak button.
  • Please observe jailbreak process until end, This is really help to get idea about jailbreaking and also protect your device from any mistakes.
  • This whole time will take less than 10 minutes of time. Why not access thousands of App Store after jailbreak your device.


Cydia Install instructions for users

Cydia can install with jailbreak process, So users need to follow jailbreak instructions before execute jailbreak tools. Most of the jailbreak tools use procedure is same and simply we can mentioned it as follows.

  • Backup device before use these tools
  • Close iTunes and related applications
  • Remove inserted backup passcodes
  • Set Device into Air Plane mode and Disable find my iPhone


These are the common instructions followed by users to install Cydia. Follow these and install for your Apple devices easily.

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Pangu Updated and fixed Most of the Bugs

Last week Pangu developers updated their tool and fixed bugs users faced within jailbreak process. We think Pangu users are so much happy with this update. Thousands of users are downloading Pangu jailbreak tool daily all around the world. Our Pangu Facebook page received so many messages about this errors from fans. They are also really happy with this update release.

Another main important thing is Apple is going to release Ios 8 next month by closing their Ios security mistakes done with Ios 7 versions. Actually this moment Pangu never introduce about Ios 8 jailbreak ability. But we can keep our hopes with Cyberelevat0r or Pangu for jailbreak Ios 8. Cyberelevat0r developer Stefan Esser has introduced about Ios 8 jailbreak done successfully.




Pangu Update information as follows for 1.2.1 and 1.2


Fix crash issue in Pangu Windows version.


  • Fix boot loop bug for some iPhone4/4s.
  • Fix sandbox log issue.
  • afc2 is included now.
  • Add patch for task_for_pid.
  • Add notification if jailbreak fail.

Most of the bugs now recovered in the Pangu and follow our guide to jailbreak it successfully. You can follow our Download Page for direct download links otherwise following links for Pangu Download link from our Downloader.

Download Links

Pangu 1.2.1 for Windows

Pangu 1.2.1 for MAC

Instructions for Pangu Users

pangu help


Important – Please take your device backup before use Pangu jailbreak tool.

  • Make sure with your device is running with Ios 7.1 to 7.1.X version. (You can see it from Settings  – -> General – -> About – -> Version)
  • Download and install latest iTunes for your PC.
  • Close all iTunes related application in your PC.

This Youtube video will be so much help to success with Pangu. Also follow our guides, instructions properly.



Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 7.1 to 7.1.X devices

pangu for jailbreak

This is the newest jailbreak tool  for idevices users in the world. “Pangu” has been released, by Chinese team. This is released for only windows yet. There’s no current ETA or OS X version but after some initial testing, we have determined this to be a legitimate tool for jailbreaking iOS version 7.1 and up. Pangu iOS 7.1-7.1.X jailbreak is compatible with all iOS 7 devices.

Pangu may be a new unbound breakout tool for iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 that was recently free for Windows. There is no current ETA on Associate in Nursing OS X version, however when some initial testing, we have determined this to be a legitimate tool for jailbreaking iOS 7.1 and up. The method will appear to a small degree shady, however we have nonetheless to expertise any problems with it. Pangu iOS 7.1-7.1.X breakout is compatible with all iOS 7 devices.

Keep in mind, this tool is from Associate in nursing unknown team and we’re unsure of the semi permanent dependability of the breakout and exploits used. Proceed at your own risk, however like i discussed higher than, everything appears to be operating as advertised…

First, you’ll have to be compelled to head over to and transfer the break tool. At the instant, it’s solely on the market for Windows, however there’s a “Mac OS” button therefore it’s doable this version are going to be discharged within the close to future. Follow the developer team on Twitter for updates. Before jailbreaking, it’s typically best to put in a clean version of iOS. Either way, simply confirms that you just backup your device before continued with this method.

Required Tools and Software:

  • Apple iOS device running  7.1 through 7.1.1
  • PanGu iOS 7.1.1JailBreak tool
  • Latest version of iTunes for Windows
  • Direct USB affiliation to Windows computer

How to JailBreak iOS 7.1.1Using PANGU

  • First Connect iOS device to a computer via USB
  • Before connect Backup your all data on device then update to iOS 7.1.1
  • Launch the PanGu iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak application
  • Uncheck the checkbox to prevent the installation of 25PP, a Chinese app store allegedly associated with software piracy
  • Press the jailbreak button to proceed
  • The installer will then prompt you to change the date on your iOS device to June 2. After changing the date, the installation of the PanGu jailbreak will continue.
  • Another notification will prompt you to launch PanGu icon added to your device. Press it to proceed.
  • The jailbreak process will continue for a few minutes and reboot the device. Don’t disconnect it from your computer
  • The iOS device will restart one more time and display a message indicating the jailbreak has been successfully completed