Download Cydia for install thousands of applications

Cydia top class software can install with jailbreak process, This tool using millions of users around the world. We like to give all most of the Cydia installation process as simply as possible. How you can install Cydia ? This  complete process called “Jailbreak”, Jailbreak process included break Ios restrictions and Cydia installation.

Is Jailbreak legal ? Yes, You can use this process to install other software easily. But with Apple company rules this is illegal. You cannot install third party applications for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod.

You can see these jailbreak tool first break Ios and install Cydia for devices. Cydia has thousand of applications under variety of repos. These repos are like sofware packages has hundreds of software. Also Cydia themes will decorate your Apple device.

cydia download


How to install Cydia any Apple device

Cydia cannot install any Apple devices without jailbreak. You need to download jailbreak tool for install Cydia. Download installer Cydia free application from following link.

  • Select your device model and download tool
  • Follow PDF file instructions before use jailbreak tool
  • Connect your device and Click Jailbreak button.
  • Please observe jailbreak process until end, This is really help to get idea about jailbreaking and also protect your device from any mistakes.
  • This whole time will take less than 10 minutes of time. Why not access thousands of App Store after jailbreak your device.


Cydia Install instructions for users

Cydia can install with jailbreak process, So users need to follow jailbreak instructions before execute jailbreak tools. Most of the jailbreak tools use procedure is same and simply we can mentioned it as follows.

  • Backup device before use these tools
  • Close iTunes and related applications
  • Remove inserted backup passcodes
  • Set Device into Air Plane mode and Disable find my iPhone


These are the common instructions followed by users to install Cydia. Follow these and install for your Apple devices easily.

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